Our team works with your people to understand the company objectives and desired outcomes. We adopt a collaborative approach and support our clients during the entire process. Our professionals offer different services, such as market research, developing the corporate strategy, organisation structure and design, and including agility across various policies, procedures, and systems.

FSI business growth and advisory services help companies to utilise their capabilities for optimising returns on human capital. We design and deploy various manpower strategies for planning and optimising personnel, performance and talent management to attract, engage, and retain the best talent within the industry.

Our business growth advisory services are based on the “grow, buy, and sell” axiom and encompass organic and inorganic growth, M&A, and fundraising. The phase-wise approach adopted by FSI is as follows:

Grow – Build a strong foundation for scalable and sustained growth

Our team develops a growth strategy that fits all aspects of the company's operations. We use disruption to drive product/service innovation, build internal skills, articulate brand strategy, accelerate profitable customer acquisition, optimise organisational structure, Implement value-driven processes and enable data-driven decisions for scalable and organic growth.

Buy – Strategic acquisitions to drive growth

Companies also use inorganic ways to boost their growth. One way to achieve this is through acquisitions, which enhance their values, provide opportunities to expand into newer markets, build new capabilities, or access latest technologies. Our team works with the clients to define their priorities, develop an investment strategy, identify potential targets, assist in the due diligence process, raise funds for the acquisition, and negotiate the terms and conditions. FSI also works with clients to strategize and coordinate the post-acquisition for smooth integration.

Sell – Exit with the highest enterprise value

Our team creates and maximizes the value throughout the entire process of organic and inorganic growth. FSI ensures your company is ready for exit at the maximum valuation. We work with your team to determine the key value drivers, identify the best-fit partners, and deal structuring for maximum value.


FSI offers integrated advisory services that adopt a collaborative approach that helps dynamic business growth. Our key consulting services include:

Strategic planning and implementation –These assist the top management to determine the strategic direction of the company and ensures all business heads are aligned with the overall vision of the organisation. Our experts develop a strategic plan customised to the client’s current business model, geographical coverage, competition, and financial performance. The plan is then discussed with the various functional heads to determine the deliverables based on the management’s vision. FSI team works with the business heads to develop the functional strategy and ensures its implementation.

Market assessment and competitive landscape–We assists clients to understand about their markets, competitive and operating landscape, and their market positioning. Our services include determining the market size (value and volume), industry growth(historical and future), analysing the demand supply gap, price point analysis, challenges and drivers/trends, and value chain to analyse the client’s strength and position.

Business planning – FSI builds comprehensive and detailed projections over a period of three to five years using the appropriate financial model. Our team conducts detailed discussions with the top management and the other personnel to develop comprehensive assumptions. The assumptions cover various aspects to develop the projections and include pricing and margin based on the competitors, market scenario, fixed and variable expenses, operating model, supply chain, regulatory requirements, and many more.

Commercial due diligence –Clients preparing for a transaction or currently in the midst of one require market and competition analysis, validation of future projections, and other aspects. Our experts will do a complete due diligence to assess the reasonableness of the financial projections, which can be issued to potential investors and financial institutions to formulate an appropriate understanding on the transaction.

Annual operating plan –FSI employs an experienced team of professionals who adopt a bottom-up approach to prepare a detailed annual operating plan. It covers all the departments within an organisation and uses a comprehensive validation and modelling exercise across multiple levels. The annual plans are supported by detailed functional level strategic action plans. Additionally, our team will conduct periodic reviews to monitor the actual performance against the annual plans.

Working capital optimisation –We offer our clients an assessment on various ways in which the company can save their working capital by optimising operational and structural processes. This enables long-term savings instead of finding short-term solutions. Our services include assessing current processes for accounts receivables, accounts payable, inventory, and cash flow management, benchmarking against competitors’ position, quantifying the pressure on margins and the reasons thereof, quantifying potential savings, and developing a roadmap for delivering these savings.

Business continuity –Unexpected business disruptions can leave organisations exposed and prompt and logical actions are required to ensure their continued operations and sustainability. We assist clients to analyse and identify business priorities and the potential risks, assess their impact on their operations, and formulate strategies and plans for immediate recovery and development.

Operational agility –At their core, successful businesses have operational agility, speed and responsiveness to any situation. Our team assists clients in business process reengineering for streamlined processes, establishing benchmarks, building operational transparency, accountability, and traceability for efficient collaboration within the company. We assist companies to eliminate activities that do not add value while improving turnaround time and minimising the documentation requirements. Our team also helps with the implementation process and training, measuring the outcomes, testing the reliability of the strategies, and periodic audits to determine their effectiveness with the objective of enhancing user experience, lower costs, and higher operating margins.


FSI has a team of experienced professionals who look deeper, select with higher filters, and use creativity to tap the full potential of the organisation and business.

Looking deeper –Our team conducts an in-depth analysis of your existing products and services and geographical reach to identify potential opportunities before exploring newer markets or products and services. We analyse the internal organisational and market data and use advanced analytic tools to identify every possible opportunity to grow your business.

Being more disciplined –Growth itself is inadequate and profitable growth requires discipline. Using their experience and expertise across industries and markets, our team adopts a disciplined approach to select the best opportunities to expand your business both domestically and internationally. Every opportunity will not deliver the most value and using a disciplined filtering process, FSI ensures its clients pursue only those opportunities that are highly relevant to expand their operations.

Creative ideas–Nothing can replace creativity while exploring different ways to grow the business. Our experts analyse the situation in new ways whether associated with better understanding of your clientele, devising value propositions for expansion and growth, or generating novel ideas for innovative products or services. FSI professionals have diverse experience, which enables them to bring forth fresh and innovative ideas and ways to expand their clients’ businesses.

Customised and results-oriented approach –Business growth advisory cannot be a one-size fits all solution. Our people will work with your company and personnel to understand current operations and identify the requirements. They will customise various strategies and build action plans based on every client’s unique goals and challenges. Additionally, we adopt a results-oriented approach and set the appropriate key performance indicators, goals and milestones to measure performance and update the strategies as needed.

FSI provides an unbiased and clear perspective to determine the potential opportunities. Using our vast experience and expertise, we provide efficient and effective strategies that not only help in growing your business but also results in time and cost savings. To know more about our business advisory services, you can send us a mail on info@FACTSHEETINC.com