FACTSHEET INC offers a full suite of data analytics services including:

§  Historical Revenue

§  Revenue Drivers

§  Cost Drivers

§  Financial Statements

§  Schedules

§  Competitors Analysis

ü Access to Financial Databases

ü Industry Analysis

ü KPIs and Financial Modeling


We assist you in identifying and calculating relevant KPIs, ratios and statistics using paid and unpaid financial data, footnotes and guidance notes. It helps our customers clearly understand the trajectories of their business and competitors in making business decisions. Our data analytics tools and team of experts enable a process-based approach using volume, price per unit, growth, factors impacting volume and price. We study up to 10 years of historical competitive data with annual and quarterly comparisons. We also take a product/services specific approach as required.


As part of our service, we offer our customers a complete overview of a company's journey by thoroughly studying its history and industry. Our analysis of historical revenue and expense data shows business trends and trends, helping clients improve and grow strategically. By conducting a clear analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of our clients, we design comprehensive business plans for them.


We help our customers retrieve powerful financial data and a variety of other kinds of financial information, including historical financial data. We streamline this information from various paid database sources allowing you to analyse the historical data and easily export the data into excel. We even standardize and customize data to fit your analytical needs.


Businesses usually deal with a diverse clientele with diverse needs, expectations and demands. With the help of industry analysis, we enable you to deep dive into this potential customer base by interacting with various data sets. It gives you a better understanding of your industry and helps you make informed decisions.


Revenue Driver

A model based on general assumptions would not result in the desired adjustments. However, the use of a working data approach can make anything work in a cohesive flow. 

Revenue-based forecasting will assist business models and other planning and forecasting approaches. We establish various parameters like which revenue drivers you prefer, whether it is in line with the direction you want to steer your organization in and if there are additional resources needed to reach there. We are simplifying things and improving the quality of your forecasts.

Cost Drivers

We help our customers identify and understand cost drivers for appropriate cost allocation and prudent decision-making. By taking cost data analytics beyond cost recognition, we help our customers rethink production processes to reduce costs without compromising quality. Several multi-product and multi-site companies rely on our services to evaluate profitability and take action for seamless operation.


We use our network across the globe and expert minds to study and analyse competition in the industry. Using AI and machine learning, we identify current and future competitors' strengths and weaknesses and prepare our customers for the future. Our competition analysis reports focus on PESTEL analysis, SWOT analysis, competitive positioning, benchmarking and constraints. We help our clients reach a competitive edge with strategic plans based on deep data analytics.

ü  Update Derive information for the latest quarter in less than 24 hours

ü  Get appraised with any new line items or get notified about any new footnote

ü  Indian gets information as the original template rather than converted into a standardized template

ü  Gain access to the deepest sets of financial data for public and private companies and startups

ü  Make use of our algorithms to grab every detail needed to build accurate and new models

ü  Update industry models with key players

ü Access historical data that is organized in a single file by our team

    Why to choose FACTSHEET INC ?

ü  Cost Effective yet High Quality Research: FACTSHEET INC differentiates itself from other vendors by offering cost effective customised research leveraging its domain expertise and usage of its own proprietary templates (models, reports).

We have analysts from the top management institutes who have a lot of experience in financial research and who have a lot of industry expertise.

ü  100% Focused on Financial Services: FACTSHEET INC is 100% focused on financial services. Yes, we placed all our eggs in the same basket! We will focus on financial services and develop a full spectrum of services to deliver end-to-end solutions to our clients.

ü  Can Provide Scalability to your Business Model: Asa trusted company, we can partner with you to ensure scalability in your growth plans. We are the subject matter experts. We have expertise in every field in which they operate. Our team has accumulated more than 50 years of experience in the areas of research and analytics.

ü  100% Safety on Data Security: As a company based in India, we fully understand the importance of data security from the client's perspective. We have a backup server where the files can be retrieved, and the data is securely stored. There are network restrictions in place to prevent any data security gaps.

ü  Expert Team with More Than 15 Years of Experience: The team consists of professionals from a wide variety of business lines. We employ a high proportion of professional graduates and invest on a regular basis in new staff, training and technology.