FACTSHEET INC offers a full suite of equity research services including:

- SME Stock Research

- Valuations

- IPO Research and Valuation

- Buy Side Research

- Sell Side Research

    SME Stock Research

With the microscopic valuation of the future returns, threats, opportunities, and growth associated with Small and Medium Enterprises, we help clients make informed decisions. A well-diversified team of experts and robust network help us gather and analyze sensitive information, evaluate SME companies on advanced algorithms, and assist clients in efficient decision-making based on various quantitative and qualitative parameters of the entity


We help our clients choose profitable investments with impeccable valuation services. With the help of our team of experts and advanced technology, we evaluate companies and start-ups in compliance with compliance norms. As future forecasts and assumptions influence business valuations, our experts conduct in-depth historical trend analysis, current macro-economic research & number crunching for reasonable and fact driven assumptions for precise valuations. We help clients close mergers and acquisition deals at lucrative terms.

    Make companies IPO ready:

We prepare our clients for IPOs by ensuring comprehensive valuation and compliance with securities, taxation, and other federal laws. We consider company financials, history, business model, potential growth rate, and many other factors for pragmatic valuation. With efficient absolute and relative valuation models, we help clients successfully raise funds with IPOs. Our team assists and guides companies throughout the process of IPO launch, from the pre-filing stage to the allotment of shares.

    Fundamental Analysis/IPO Valuation for investment:

We conduct pre IPO analysis valuation analysis for investors that gives them a clear end to end picture of company, its functioning and operations before investing. We analyse all major IPOs listed in Indian as well as global pre IPO markets whether public or private companies to give a detailed view of  investments. With an independent view like ours, rest assured of getting a clear picture before you invest your hard earned money

    Buy Side Research

We have a sharp intellectual eye for identifying high-yielding investment opportunities. We consistently study and analyse economic trends, market developments, industry characters, and risk factors to provide a comprehensive view on public and private companies. Our goal is to expand the investment portfolios of private equity, insurance, hedge fund, venture capital, and other investment companies. Our services include producing content on initiation reports, event notes and summarizing earning calls. We perform shadow coverage for cross reads with competitive insights and develop decks and memos for marketing. We deep dive into each tasks such as competitive benchmarking, cash flow analysis, corporate actions and restructuring analysis. Our driver based financial forecasts ensure complete coverage including initiation reports and sensitivity analysis.

    Sell-Side Research

We help clients sell securities and raise funds with well-curated valuable offers. Our detailed reports and thorough market research help companies, brokers, and investment bankers win buyers' trust. We help our clients sell securities to hedge fund managers, venture capitalists, and retail and institutional investors.

We conduct comprehensive research that requires complete dedication and attention to detail. We aid our clients to address the sell side communication challenges with unparalleled regulatory expertise. Our profound sell side research, satisfies and exceeds the compliance regulations applicable in the diverse markets.

    Why to choose FACTSHEET INC ?

ü  Cost Effective yet High Quality Research: FACTSHEET INC differentiates itself from other vendors by offering cost effective customised research leveraging its domain expertise and usage of its own proprietary templates (models, reports).

We have analysts from the top management institutes who have a lot of experience in financial research and who have a lot of industry expertise.

ü  100% Focused on Financial Services: FACTSHEET INC is 100% focused on financial services. Yes, we placed all our eggs in the same basket! We will focus on financial services and develop a full spectrum of services to deliver end-to-end solutions to our clients.

ü  Can Provide Scalability to your Business Model: Asa trusted company, we can partner with you to ensure scalability in your growth plans. We are the subject matter experts. We have expertise in every field in which they operate. Our team has accumulated more than 50 years of experience in the areas of research and analytics.

ü  100% Safety on Data Security: As a company based in India, we fully understand the importance of data security from the client's perspective. We have a backup server where the files can be retrieved, and the data is securely stored. There are network restrictions in place to prevent any data security gaps.

ü  Expert Team with More Than 15 Years of Experience: The team consists of professionals from a wide variety of business lines. We employ a high proportion of professional graduates and invest on a regular basis in new staff, training and technology.