Why choose FACTSHEET for Financial Modeling?

ü  Robust And Reliable Financial Models - We help clients adapt to the dynamic business environment with vigorous and comprehensive financial models. Our models contain 100 separate audit checks which boosts our client’s confidence.

ü  Analyse Key Sensitivities - Our highly experienced team customize financial models to help clients with financial and operational sensitivity analysis. Of course, results are never final, but it helps to prognosticate various outcomes of variables and further leads to better understanding of a business.

ü  Well-Defined Drivers - We work closely with clients to design financial models around significant value drivers for reliable output.

ü  International Standards - Our accounting, taxation, and corporate finance experts design financial models according to international standards. We follow the methodology outlined by global Chartered Accountants to ensure more transparency and reliability.

ü  Crisp and Simple - We provide a crisp business overview by simplifying all complex formulas of a financial model. We try to structure every model in human readable format avoiding any irrelevant information.

ü  Editable by End Users: Our Financial model templates are designed in such a way (editable structure & supporting documents to use them in error freeway) that end user can customise them as per their requirement.

    Structure of our Financial Models

ü  Assumptions about future business development

ü  Assumptions about possible further external factors

ü  Strategic options

ü  Correlations between sales, production, capacity and costs

ü  Financing parameters and options

ü  Tax situation

ü  Comprehensive financial model and assumption validation

ü  Business valuation (DCF, DDM, SOTP)

ü  Comparative multiples-based models

ü  LBO analysis

ü  Model update

ü  Database linked valuation

ü  Capital structure analysis

ü  Sensitivity analysis

ü  Return analysis

    Services FACTSHEET provides for Financial Modeling

Valuations of Security/Business - Our meticulously designed financial models help evaluate securities/businesses with accuracy. You can determine the return on your investments, present as well as proposed, to revamp your portfolio strategically. We help our customers to closely examine their business under various scenarios and accordingly evaluate their business.

Test Ideas to Optimise Client’s Business - With financial models built on intensive technology, we review an idea under different market scenarios, assess its financial and operational feasibility, and help clients devise a robust business plan.

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) - With financial Modeling, we determine the growth prospects, synergy benefits, and threats associated with an M&A proposal, thus simplifying the nerve-wracking investment process. With the help of our models, customers can easily calculate the profitability of a company, can evaluate a business by quantifying risks and returns, and calculate goodwill as well as list down the various aspects of any business.

Private Equity(PE)/ Venture Capital/ HNI funding - Through financial Modeling, we aim to streamline the funding process for our clients by winning venture capitalists' confidence with comprehensive and transparent business models. Models provide the desired clarity for clients to take well informed decisions.

Raising Finance/Debt Funding - Our clear and structured financial model serves two purposes: guide companies on whether to raise equity or debt and negotiate better terms with lenders. Because our models help the clients to do projections of financial statements and in analysis of cost, economic and industry scenarios that can highly affect the business cash flow sales and profit. Thus, after a clear calculation of business, the debt funding process becomes smoother.

Internal Decision-Making- Apart from designing reports, we devise strategic growth plans for our clients to help them achieve their objectives and goals. Our financial modelers provide real time information by getting accurate budgeting and forecasting for the business growth and its future projections.

Forecasting Future Raw Material Needs - Our rigorous financial Modeling techniques consider different market scenarios (high, reasonable, and low demand) to estimate future raw material needs and build resilient supply chains. We try to find out the short and long term needs of the business through our analytical approach.

Forecasting the Capital Needs - We provide insight into the amount of debt or equity a company should raise and help companies formulate strong capital structures to withstand economic disruptions. 

Budgeting and Assessing Balance Sheet - Our simple and well-structured financial models decode complex accounting and tax calculations for efficient future budgeting. It helps our clients to grow their business organically.

Cash Flow Analysis and Forecasting - Our financial models forecast and analyse cash flow trends of clients' businesses and prepare them to endure any financial crisis. We also include ratio analysis based on the company’s historical performance.

Target Forecast - Our financial models consider qualitative and quantitative data to determine future short and long-term targets for the growth of the client's business.

Planning and Budgeting - With financial models, we exhibit a clear picture of expenditures and devise rational, feasible business plans and budgets for our clients. That’s why we prepare comprehensive financial models for our customers. We do financial forecasting and analysis, capital expenditure analysis, cost profit volume analysis, financial statement analysis, market analysis, new product analysis for in detail planning of the customer’s business.

Running Scenarios - Our financial models include error-free formulas that allow you to run different market scenarios for future forecasting. We prepare models in such a flexible way, that in any scenario our client can quickly change the assumption and can get required financial results. This helps in easier understanding of market and industry.

Managing Financial Risks - With prudent financial Modeling, we help clients forecast financial risks and devise plans to save them from bankruptcy. We as outsourced financial modelers predict various scenarios depending on various variables and try to minimize financial risks so that our client could maximize business profits.

Calculate the Profitability of a Product or Business Segment - In financial Modeling, we estimate the profitability and risks attached to new products or business segments and prepare our clients for successful expansion. We estimate how EPS will be affected by any business decision and how EPS will compete with others in the same sector/industry.

Accretion / Dilution Analysis - In our financial models, we incorporate EPS calculations for accretion/dilution analysis of a merger & acquisition proposal. Thus, assisting clients in growth and expansion decisions. Accretion/dilution analysis, is certainly used to estimate the growth profitability of M&A deal because many factors are considered, including global factors. So, our comprehensive financial models service decision making and compatible results ensuring growth and success of our clients.

    Why to choose FACTSHEET INC ?

ü  Cost Effective yet High Quality Research: FACTSHEET INC differentiates itself from other vendors by offering cost effective customised research leveraging its domain expertise and usage of its own proprietary templates (models, reports).

We have analysts from the top management institutes who have a lot of experience in financial research and who have a lot of industry expertise.

ü  100% Focused on Financial Services: FACTSHEET INC is 100% focused on financial services. Yes, we placed all our eggs in the same basket! We will focus on financial services and develop a full spectrum of services to deliver end-to-end solutions to our clients.

ü  Can Provide Scalability to your Business Model: Asa trusted company, we can partner with you to ensure scalability in your growth plans. We are the subject matter experts. We have expertise in every field in which they operate. Our team has accumulated more than 50 years of experience in the areas of research and analytics.

ü  100% Safety on Data Security: As a company based in India, we fully understand the importance of data security from the client's perspective. We have a backup server where the files can be retrieved, and the data is securely stored. There are network restrictions in place to prevent any data security gaps.

ü  Expert Team with More Than 15 Years of Experience: The team consists of professionals from a wide variety of business lines. We employe high proportion of professional graduates and invest on a regular basis in new staff, training and technology.