FACTSHEET INC offers a full suite of sector research services including:

ü          Macroeconomic Research

ü         Quantitative Research

    Macroeconomic Research

We provide an honest view of how the economy is behaving. With an in-depth study of inflation, price levels, growth rate, national income, and GDP, we identify drivers of the economy and track market trends. By providing detailed reports regularly, we ensure our clients stay up to date on upcoming economic trends without getting overwhelmed with unnecessary information.


Our diverse team of experts from different industries prepares reports to provide our clients with a unique and comprehensive view of the economy. We help businesses capitalize on future opportunities by providing an in-depth insight into what is happening in the world.

    Quantitative research

We conduct thorough research and analyse data to find patterns, averages, test relationships, and make predictions. We perform various statistical and mathematical calculations using advanced technology to help clients make data-driven decisions. Our core capabilities include market sizing, price-point research, brand positioning, quick turnarounds, and prototype testing.  


An expert leads all our quantitative research and customizes reports per the client’s objective, timeline, and budget. We provide quantitative research reports in jargon-free language for easy understanding for all, from C- level employees to marketing teams. 

    Why to choose FACTSHEET ?

·     Cost effective yet high quality research: Factsheet Inc. differentiates itself from other vendors by offering cost effective customized research leveraging its domain expertise and usage of its own proprietary templates (models, reports).
We have analysts drawn from the best management institutes who are highly experienced in the areas of financial research and having deep sectoral expertise.

·      100% focused on financial services: Factsheet Inc. is 100% focused on financial services. Yes, we have put all our eggs in one basket! We will focus on financial services and develop a complete range of services to provide end to end solutions to our clients.

·     Can provide scalability to your business model: We as a trusted firm can partner with you and provide scalability to your growth plans. We are the subject matter experts. We have subject matter expertise in all the areas they operate in. Our team has a cumulative experience of 50+ years in areas of research and analytics.

·     100% safety on data security: As a firm situated in India, we fully understand the importance of data security from the client’s perspective. We have a backup server where the files can be recovered, and the data is secure. There are network restrictions in place to prevent any data security lapse.

·    Expert team: The team is a mix of professionals with wide industry exposures covering a wide range of industry sectors. We employ a high proportion of graduate professionals and regularly invest in new staff, training, and technology.