What worked 5 or 10 years ago may not apply in today's business environment because market dynamics are ever-changing. Business leaders must recognise opportunities based on the organisation's capabilities and the external market environment. Business owners may not be equipped to choose the best alternative for each opportunity because there are often multiple paths available.

FSI's growth and consulting services help companies use their capabilities to optimize return on human capital. Our team works with your employees to understand your business goals and desired outcomes. We take a collaborative approach and support our clients throughout the process. Our specialists provide various services, such as market research, business strategy development, organisational design and structure, and flexibility through policies, procedures and different systems.

Our services include buy-side and sell-side advice, strategy planning and implementation, market and competitive landscape assessment, due diligence, business planning, daily operations planning year and optimize the circulating fund. 

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M&A deals can be stressful and good judgment and professional advices are important. In today's competitive global marketplace, inorganic growth is crucial to an organisation's success.

FSI's M&A transaction advisory services include strategy, due diligence, implementation and integration, organisational transformation, performance improvement, exit and divestment. Our transaction consultants have covered local and global transactions and provide expert advice to clients at every stage of the M&A cycle. We take a holistic approach to delivering excellence with speed.

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Funding is crucial to the success of every business and most promoters need to raise outside capital to expand their growth. Capital can be raised from a number of channels such as banks or non-banking finance companies, private equity and venture capitalists, etc. Fundraising through each of these channels presents its own challenges and requirements.

FACTSHEET INC has a dedicated team of experienced professionals who can help your business meet its financial needs. We help our clients understand the entire fundraising process and take a systematic approach to helping close successfully.

FSI helps its clients raise debt and equity, and provides debt advisory and merchandising services and private equity. Our team assesses the needs of your business and ensures that you are ready to invest for successful fundraising.

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Today, the success of an organisation is largely based on data-driven decision making. Analytics provides valuable insights into the external and internal environments to make more informed decisions. Financial reporting and tracking are essential for companies to become more efficient in various processes.

FSI adopts a structured approach to get the most out of its financial reporting and monitoring services. For maximum benefit to our clients, we prepare income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement. In addition, we provide different types of reports such as business analysis, operations analysis, bank reconciliation and financial analysis to help our clients understand business performance.

Our experts can generate weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual reports to provide support to the client’s overall business plan and goal.

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