Refund Policy

FACTSHEET will refund full cost of your order if we fail to deliver our services with the stipulated amount of time as provided in below chart: -


Stipulated Time

Business Profile Plans

Investor/Buyer Profile Plans

Advisor Profile Plans

Profile to be activated within 2 business days, provided complete information and verification details are provided by the user. Refunds are not applicable if the user provides wrong information or delays providing required information to complete the profile.


Introduction Credits

Business introductions that do not respond to you or are unavailable can be reported on our website or over email. After validating the same, these


Information Memorandum and Business Valuation Model

The first version of Report is to be submitted to the client within 25 business days from the date of receiving complete information and payment from the client. Refunds are not applicable if the client provides wrong information or delays providing required information to complete the process.

v FACTSHEET will refund your order post a 5% deduction towards transaction charges under the following circumstances.

v FACTSHEET reserves the right to reject, suspend, edit, or delete a profile even after submission of the required verification documents by the user, if we believe, in our opinion, that such steps will improve the quality of the website. In such cases, where FACTSHEET is unable to approve your profile or retain your profile on our website, we provide a refund on a pro-rata basis post deduction of a 5% transaction charge.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but we will not be providing any fund under the following circumstances:

v FACTSHEET neither guarantee introductions nor deal closures and we do not issue refunds for the same. We recommend you to user our free plans and go through our services and processes, as and when available, to try our services before subscribing to a paid plan.

v FACTSHEET will also not be providing any refunds if user changes their mind or does not use their profile or fails to furnish verification proof to back its claims.

v FACTSHEET may terminate an account if we, in our opinion, believe that the user is abusing FACTSHEET in any way, intentionally furnishes false information, or has previously failed to pay Finder’s Fee to FACTSHEET. In such a situation ,FACTSHEET shall be entitled to retain the entire fees paid the user towards damages and user shall not be entitled to seek a refund of the same.

S If you are eligible for a refund based on the above terms, kindly follow the below process to raise a refund request:.

S All refund requests need to be sent over an email to from the registered email address of the user. Please state the invoice number, payment date, amount and reason for their fund request. We will review the case in 3 business days and issue a refund, if applicable, as per our refund policy. Depending on the mode of payment it may take between 5-15 working days for the credit to reflect in your card or account. FSI will also not be providing any refund if user changes their profile or fails to furnish verification proof to back its claim.