FSI’s Researchexperts provide fundamental analysis of all type of research reports like U.S. equityresearch reports, India equity research reports, capital market-relatedentities to aid wise investment decisions. These expert analyses and researchreports help market participants stay on top of all the latest developments inthe global stock market.


Gathering information about private and unlisted companies is tough. But FSI may already have done the work for you. FSI provides business and financial data on more than 500 private limited companies including family owned, private equity, venture capital backed, and international unlisted companies. It also provides information on 100+ "private investors", private M&A deals, and Venture Capital Funding rounds.

FSI’s team Enhance your work with high-quality, accurate data on private markets. Don't let data failure derail your decisions. Get the latest financials in minutes.


It takes a lot to bring a business idea to life, and carrying out adequate and comprehensive market studies in advance is one of them.

Market research can help startups formulate a marketing plan, including what source(s) to advertise to capture the attention of startup's target audience.

FSI’s startup research helps startups to help with concept development, marketing insight, strategy, profiling your target customer, choosing the right market, choosing the right price, using the research for funding/investments and eliminates risk etc.

Company Profiling

Why Do You Need Company Profiling?

Going prepared for a client meeting can often ensure a win. Here is why you need company profiling:

üGet an advantage over competitors

üKnow your potential client better

üForesee and prepare for different questions

üCustomize your offerings to meet their needs

How FSI Do it for You

We work with you to prepare sales battle cards. This is how we work with you:

üSet the goals that you aim to achieve through the battle cards

üResearch your potential competitors, their offerings, and pricing

üResearch your potential clients, their team, and selling points

üSystematically review the battle card usage and help make amends